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Occupation Videos

Get in-depth details about nearly 900 occupations.

A career profile is a great place to start your career research. The detailed information can help you get a good idea of an occupation. That’s often enough to determine whether you want to learn more or realize it’s not for you.

For nearly 900 occupations, visit the Occupation Profile to learn:

  • A quick overview of the field, descriptive career video and wage information for your state and nationally. Also projections for the number of job openings over a 10-year time frame.
  • Details about the tasks, skills needed, and equipment used. While every employer is different, you can get a good idea of the basic kinds of work activities people do on a daily basis.
  • Both what training is typically needed to enter the field, and what level of education most workers in the field have attained. These two can differ, surprisingly.
  • Finally, you’ll find ideas for other occupations that use related skills and interests, and can link off to training in your state that could help you prepare for a career in that field.